If you are borrowing a singlet from WCV Wrestling Club, please follow these recommendations to ensure its use in the future:
  • Singlets are for tournament use only. Shirts that can be tucked in and shorts without zippers are recommended for club practice.
  • The fabric content is 90% Poly and 10% Lycra. To maximize the life of the singlet please use the following washing instructions:
  • Machine wash SEPARATELY IN COLD WATER. Hot water can cause color bleeding. Use mild (non-phosphorous) detergent. Phosphates can also cause bleeding. Do not wash white and colored garments together. Do not use chlorine bleach. Bleach will fade colors and weaken fabric. Remove garments from washer immediately and hang dry. DO NOT USE HOT WATER, BLEACH, OR PLACE IN THE DRYER!
  • Care should be taken to avoid contact with any abrasive surfaces. This would include Velcro closures on headgear, lace covers on shoes, or any other rough surfaces. Keep singlet separated from shoes and headgear.
  • At tournament, please have your wrestler wear at least a pair of shorts when he is not wrestling. This well keep the back end of the singlet from being worn and frayed.
  • Return you singlet at the end of season.